3 Things To Bring On Hunting Trips

3 Things To Bring On Hunting Trips

Never been hunting before? So you decide to take your first trip  and you decide that you don’t know what to bring. In this post, I am going to tell you about 3 things to bring on hunting trips that will make your life a heck of a lot easier.

Survival knife

A good survival knife is always the number one thing to bring on a camping trip. Aside from making good cuts, there are a bunch of things you can use a survival knife for. You may even need it as a weapon so make sure you pack one of these in your nap sack before attacking the wilderness.



It took the cavemen years to discover fire, and even more years to perfect making it. We have the luxury of paying one dollar for an automatic fire starter called the lighter. Lucky right? Make sure to stop by a local gas station and pick one of these up before your trip. There is going to be many reasons you will need a fire while camping.

Night Vision Device


Trust me, you’re not gonna wanna be alone in the woods without one. Maybe it’s a bit much, but I need to be able to see everything that’s going on when I’m out in the wild. You can find a cheap pair of night vision goggles through sites like Amazon.


You will definitely need more than just these 3 things but if you follow this list you will be in the right direction. I wish you success on your future camping trip and good luck! If you found these 3 things to bring on hunting trips helpful please share this article.


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3 Ways Electric Skateboards Make Life Better

3 Ways Electric Skateboards Make Life Better

You gotta love living in the future. We live in a time where innovation is at an all-time high. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a few good inventions that were just flat out cool. One of which is the electric skateboard. It’s always a bonus when technology is cool and makes your life easier. After reading some electric skateboard reviews and picking a board you like you might wonder…”was this worth the money”. In this post we will show you why it is a good investment by sharing 3 ways electric skateboards make life better.

3 Ways Electric Skateboards Make Life Better

Reduces Carbon Footprint

Reducing your carbon footprint is a great way to do your part to save the planet. Electric skateboards are ideal transportation if this is your overall goal because there are no emissions or harmful gasses released into the atmosphere. This helps in the fight against global warming that we are constantly battling every day. Not to mention whenever you reduce your carbon footprint you feel awesome.

Saves Gas Money

You don’t have to worry about putting $10 on pump whatever. Electric skateboards run off rechargeable batteries, so there is no reason to spend money to get where you need to be. Most people make a lot of short trips in over the course of the day. If you use one of these to get around you will save thousands of dollars over the course of the year in gas money alone. These boards are pretty fast so they make legit transportation for short trips. The average American spends $140 in gas money over the course a month. If you can shave this number down by half imagine what you can do with the savings at the end of the year.

They are Fun

Ok, this one is obvious, but just in case you didn’t know, electronic skateboards are a blast to ride. They are good for all ages and can be used by people of all sizes. In addition to being viable transportation nothing quite beats the feeling of flying down a suburban street on your board, as the neighbors stare in amazement. You don’t want to miss out on this trend by waiting until they are no longer popular. Splurge a little and enjoy yourself.



Not only are electric skateboards great at reducing your carbon foot print, but they save money, and are tons of fun. Most of the people who own them wouldnt trade the experience for anything in the world. If you found these 3 ways electric skateboards make life better please take a moment and tell a friend or share this post on social media.

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How To find Diamonds in Minecraft on Playstation 3


How to find diamonds in Minecraft on Playstation 3

If you have Minecraft of the Playstation 3 This guide will teach you how to find diamonds in mine craft on playstation 3


find diamonds in minecraft for playstation 3

If you need minecraft for Playstion 3 Get your Playsation Store Card, and purchase the game off the playstation network

If you are a minecraft fan, you know that diamonds are a precious and rare commodity in the minecraft universe! They can be used to make the strongest weapons, and tools. Other items you can make with Diamonds are record players, and enchancement table as well as super strong armor. This Guide will teach you how to find diamonds in minecraft for Playstation 3.

When you start the game Steve will generally be armed with nothing more then a map. Collect about 20 pieces of wood from trees and make a crafting table and create a wood pick axe. Proceed to the nearest mountain and dig straight until you hit cobblestone. Make sure to collect atleast 20 pieces of cobble stone.

Pull out your crafting table and craft a furnace. Create some planks and sticks, then place wood in the furnace to create coal, make atleast 5 peices of coal(you’ll find more on your way). Next create atleast 10 candles and create 3 Stone pick axe’s make sure you have a few sticks and collect your crafting table and furnace, and begin to dig.

Before you dig make sure you have atleast 10 candles 3 stone pick axe’s, 5 sticks and you should still have you original wood pick axe. Pick a spot and dig down! Using your wood pick axe first to be most efficient! Dig down 10 Squares then look straight an dig a whole in front of you to and place a candle as it will be getting dark the further you dig! Repeat this process every 10 squares until you hit bedrock! Bedrock is pictured below for reference


Once you hit bedrock select cobble stone begin to place them under you as you jump like your trying to go back up. You need to jump up 12 blocks. This is the level where you are most like likely to find diamonds. Begin diggining and placing candles, This level is full of coal, and iron, collect as much coal and iron as possible. Once you collect 3 pieces of iron melt it wil the furnace and create an iron pickaxe but do not use  it. Continue digging straight with a stone pick axe every 10 squares you move forward stop and break a 5 x 5 area then continue straight! Each time you do this place a torch , it should look like a long corridor with neatly placed 5 x 5 areas broken away! Within 15 minutes you will generally find diamond.


Diamonds are often next to each other and usually around lava. If you find one diamond completey dig around the area they are usually found in clusters of 3-4.

Make sure you dig your tunnels neatly and easy to retrace you steps to get back to the service!

Once you find them make sure yo go back up to the service and store them in a chest for safe keeping! Now that you know how to find diamonds in Minecraft  on Playstation 3 tell your friends

For more Minecraft tips and tricks consider getting a guide because there is soooooo much to learn and do!

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Breville BJE200XL Review

Breville BJE200XL Review

Breville BJE200XL Review

Breville BJE200XL

Breville BJE200XL Review

With no straight lines, the Breville BJE200XL  is a decked  top of the line juicer  in plastic from the top and fitted with a powerful 700 Watt motor within that operates at 14,000RPM, this ensures that your juice is properly juiced. The ompact juicer takes virtually zero counter space, while maintaining the power needed to make sure it gets the job done . Its got stainless steel micromesh filters, titanium cutting discs, a stabilizing knife and a dual knife blade centered assembly, they spared no expense in its design. Because only top of the line materials were used, its able to boast a compact modern design and the power of commercial units . The Breville BJE200XL is not just affordable but also technologically advanced with plenty of ergonomic considerations such as the 3 inch circular feed chute that can accommodate whole fruits without the need to slice them up. That alone was able to cut my prep time in half, and we all know prep and clean up our the WORST parts of juicing!

This juicer is very affordable and is built with durability in mind. My old juicer went out on me last week as the motor no longer spends. It was a cheap model I bought at target, it lasted for around 8 months before it completely died on me. I am a heavy juicer as I believe in the health benefits of juicing, and the Breville BJE200XL appears to ready to stand up to the challenge I recommend it highly if you juice regularly.

I have currently tried this unit with carrots, pears, celery, apples, bananas, oranges, mangoes and grapes, everything has always came out perfectly juiced and because of the filter clean up is already done for you. This way you can spend more time browsing through the many creative recipes or concocting your own creations!

My Breville BJE200XL Review analysis is that this is a good buy for the money.

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Three Benefits of Buying Followers For your Social Media Network

Three Benefits of Buying Followers For your Social Media Network


Most people are not aware that followers/friends can be purchased to enhance your social media network! Why on earth would anyone need to buy friends? As an individual it may not be a useful strategy and maybe your time would be better spent socializing, however for business’s its a good way to launch you brand. Sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have been around for years now and have accumulated large audiences, and are the perfect platform to share there visions with the world. Here are three benefits of buying followers for your social media network.

  1. First realize that social media sites, attract millions of visitors every day, so instead of sharing your business the traditional way, you can use affordable services that allow you to purchase set amounts of viewers for small amounts of money. These service range from prices as low as $5, and its a very cost effective way to get your buisness out there.
  2. In addition to low cost advertising these services usually have a very fast turn around time usually 24-48 hours depening on the size of your order. A wise salesman once said that most business’s fail because they simply aren’t able to get in front of enough people to present there products and ideas
  3. POPULARITY! No not being the cool jock from high school but did you ever notice how everyone in the school wanted to be friends with people who were already popular? The same principle applies, people are more likely to check out an otherwise unknown brand, if they see that they are already fairly popular they are more likely to follow suit!

When purchasing followers make sure that the website you use DOES NOT use fake profiles, or bots  people notice, when your followers don’t have profile pictures, and/or leave spammy remarks over your real followers pages!

A good site that we have had success buying followers from is BuyFollowersForCheap.com

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Xbox One Vs. Playstation 4


Xbox One Vs. Playstation 4


After 23 hours total of waiting impatiently in Best Buy and Walmarts release day lines, I became the proud owner of both the  Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4 ! I purchased both on each systems retrospective release dates and was able to get a hands on while they are still somewhat difficult to find in stores. After officially matching up the Xbox One vs. The Playstation 4 Let me just say both systems are AWESOME, but each has its advantages!

Price. Lets talk $$$ because there is obviously a $100 price difference while the Sony PlayStation 4 is only $399 the Microsoft Xbox One Boast a price of $499, while this may scare some consumers, the price difference is because the Microsoft Xbox One comes with the kinect whereas the Sony PlayStation 4‘s motion sensing camera is sold separately. Dont be fooled by the price if your into motion sensing games you will have to purchase the PlayStation 4 Camera separately!

Releases Content. Both systems are lacking here, the online market place, had few demos on release dates, and most of the demos were definitely not going to win game of the year. Microsoft Xbox One did release with a TIMELESS classic Killer Insticnt which was a classic game from the 90’s. Other than demos there is not much on either market place!

New Controllers. Both Microsoft and Sony revamped there controller layout, while definitily a familiar feel, subtle differences can be noted. The Microsoft Xbox One has done away with the start and select buttons, with a menu and option button, however they are in the same place and not difficult to get used to. The Sony PlayStation 4 controller is a bit thicker but not bulky. They have really done well with this controller as Sony has always had the more innovative controller. Its features include a touch pad and built in speakers to enhance the gaming experience!

Accessories. The Microsoft Xbox One comes with the kinect, while its a mandatory addition and must remain connected, its VERY useful, Xbox has improved the voice command system, and the Microsoft Xbox One is very responsive. Its a wonderful feature to have when your hands are tied and you want to switch to apps like Netflix. The Sony PlayStation 4 also has a camera that is much like the kinect but its sold separately.

Analysis. After trying both I have been inadvertently spending much more time with my Microsoft Xbox One, and if I had to choose one it it would be definitely be my choice. So IMHO when it comes to putting the Xbox One vs. The Playstation 4, Xbox is winning………For now.


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5 Tips For An Affordable Luxury Vacation


5 Tips For An Affordable Luxury Vacation 

In this economy, its easy to get tied down to the everyday routine that is life. Bills don’t stop, so we find it difficult to in efforts of maintaing our standard of living. However when all we do is fall into the humdrum routine of EAT, SLEEP, WORK, REPEAT we begin to grow weary. EVERYBODY needs a break from time to time, and brief get away can be just what the Dr. ordered. Here are some Tips I use to get the most bang for my buck with my family!


1. Plan as far ahead as possible, when looking to vacation last minute trips are usually something to avoid when on a budget. The last thing you want to do is go on a vacation when you have bills due. Try to plan your vacation atleast 9 months in advance, while it may seem far away the dates come quick. Plan where you want to go, and what activities you want to do, account for any gas mileage, rental cars, food and drinks, spending money and of course where you plan to stay!


2. If the location you choose is far, you will want to decide which travel arrangements are for you. If you are traveling with friends you may decide to take a road trip, if you have a family with small kids that are easily irritated, you may want to try flying, the distance, and accounting for the cost of gas money will be detrimental in your decision. For example if you are a family of 7, it would be cheaper for you to rent a van from a car rental place, this will also take care of your transportation while you are vacationing. My general rule of thumb is if its less than 500 miles, its generally cheaper to drive. Spirit.com and AirTran.com are generally the cheapest airlines. Check and compare prices of rental + gas vs. The price of plane tickets for each member of your party. For travel even if your cell phone has a GPS I recommend a Portable GPS! Cell phones can be distracting in a new environment, or if you get a phone call while you are trying to find your way you may end up lost on the wrong side of town!


3. Now that we know where we’re going and how we are getting there, where are we going to lay our head once we arrive? Well if your like me your ready to relax and need luxury. Most people will start looking on expedia for hotel pricing, but an more affordable and more luxurious option is vacation rentals. Vacation rentals are properties owned by individuals or management companies for the specific purpose of short term vacation rentals. These homes are generally very nice and up to date, with amenities like granite countertops, and all the luxuries of home that most hotel rooms don’t offer such as refrigerators, microwaves, washer and dryers, and modern furniture. These in my opinion are way better then hotels, with more privacy. Vacation rentals can range in price from $50-400 per night depending on the size as they range from 1br condos all the way to 7br mini mansions. You can find Vacation Rentals on websites like homeawayfromhome.com Most vacation rentals will have a pool and if your like me and LOVE pictures get a Lifeproof Cell phone case to make sure you dont water damage your phone!


4. FOOOOOOOOD! OK so now your on vacation with you family and you guessed it, kids are hungry. If you took my advice from #3 your going to start seeing the savings here. Normally on vacation youd have to be ready to fork over tons of hard earned money on fast food and pricey restaurants, where the average family dinner can range from $40-50  per meal, 3 times a day, thats about $150 each day you vacation ouch. With the vacation rentals you can simply go shopping at the local grocer and cook family dinners, or whip up your specialty! You can typically live of $70 of groceries for about 4 days!


5. Look on the local craigslist for discounted tickets, to attractions. Usually if you check the tickets section you can find very good rates on shows, sports tickets, attractions and theme parks from the locals, as always with Craigslist, use caution and do your due diligence, while many use craigslist the right way, there are also many that may use it to try to scam others.

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