How To find Diamonds in Minecraft on Playstation 3


How to find diamonds in Minecraft on Playstation 3

If you have Minecraft of the Playstation 3 This guide will teach you how to find diamonds in mine craft on playstation 3


find diamonds in minecraft for playstation 3

If you need minecraft for Playstion 3 Get your Playsation Store Card, and purchase the game off the playstation network

If you are a minecraft fan, you know that diamonds are a precious and rare commodity in the minecraft universe! They can be used to make the strongest weapons, and tools. Other items you can make with Diamonds are record players, and enchancement table as well as super strong armor. This Guide will teach you how to find diamonds in minecraft for Playstation 3.

When you start the game Steve will generally be armed with nothing more then a map. Collect about 20 pieces of wood from trees and make a crafting table and create a wood pick axe. Proceed to the nearest mountain and dig straight until you hit cobblestone. Make sure to collect atleast 20 pieces of cobble stone.

Pull out your crafting table and craft a furnace. Create some planks and sticks, then place wood in the furnace to create coal, make atleast 5 peices of coal(you’ll find more on your way). Next create atleast 10 candles and create 3 Stone pick axe’s make sure you have a few sticks and collect your crafting table and furnace, and begin to dig.

Before you dig make sure you have atleast 10 candles 3 stone pick axe’s, 5 sticks and you should still have you original wood pick axe. Pick a spot and dig down! Using your wood pick axe first to be most efficient! Dig down 10 Squares then look straight an dig a whole in front of you to and place a candle as it will be getting dark the further you dig! Repeat this process every 10 squares until you hit bedrock! Bedrock is pictured below for reference


Once you hit bedrock select cobble stone begin to place them under you as you jump like your trying to go back up. You need to jump up 12 blocks. This is the level where you are most like likely to find diamonds. Begin diggining and placing candles, This level is full of coal, and iron, collect as much coal and iron as possible. Once you collect 3 pieces of iron melt it wil the furnace and create an iron pickaxe but do not use  it. Continue digging straight with a stone pick axe every 10 squares you move forward stop and break a 5 x 5 area then continue straight! Each time you do this place a torch , it should look like a long corridor with neatly placed 5 x 5 areas broken away! Within 15 minutes you will generally find diamond.


Diamonds are often next to each other and usually around lava. If you find one diamond completey dig around the area they are usually found in clusters of 3-4.

Make sure you dig your tunnels neatly and easy to retrace you steps to get back to the service!

Once you find them make sure yo go back up to the service and store them in a chest for safe keeping! Now that you know how to find diamonds in Minecraft  on Playstation 3 tell your friends

For more Minecraft tips and tricks consider getting a guide because there is soooooo much to learn and do!

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