Xbox One Vs. Playstation 4


Xbox One Vs. Playstation 4


After 23 hours total of waiting impatiently in Best Buy and Walmarts release day lines, I became the proud owner of both the  Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4 ! I purchased both on each systems retrospective release dates and was able to get a hands on while they are still somewhat difficult to find in stores. After officially matching up the Xbox One vs. The Playstation 4 Let me just say both systems are AWESOME, but each has its advantages!

Price. Lets talk $$$ because there is obviously a $100 price difference while the Sony PlayStation 4 is only $399 the Microsoft Xbox One Boast a price of $499, while this may scare some consumers, the price difference is because the Microsoft Xbox One comes with the kinect whereas the Sony PlayStation 4‘s motion sensing camera is sold separately. Dont be fooled by the price if your into motion sensing games you will have to purchase the PlayStation 4 Camera separately!

Releases Content. Both systems are lacking here, the online market place, had few demos on release dates, and most of the demos were definitely not going to win game of the year. Microsoft Xbox One did release with a TIMELESS classic Killer Insticnt which was a classic game from the 90’s. Other than demos there is not much on either market place!

New Controllers. Both Microsoft and Sony revamped there controller layout, while definitily a familiar feel, subtle differences can be noted. The Microsoft Xbox One has done away with the start and select buttons, with a menu and option button, however they are in the same place and not difficult to get used to. The Sony PlayStation 4 controller is a bit thicker but not bulky. They have really done well with this controller as Sony has always had the more innovative controller. Its features include a touch pad and built in speakers to enhance the gaming experience!

Accessories. The Microsoft Xbox One comes with the kinect, while its a mandatory addition and must remain connected, its VERY useful, Xbox has improved the voice command system, and the Microsoft Xbox One is very responsive. Its a wonderful feature to have when your hands are tied and you want to switch to apps like Netflix. The Sony PlayStation 4 also has a camera that is much like the kinect but its sold separately.

Analysis. After trying both I have been inadvertently spending much more time with my Microsoft Xbox One, and if I had to choose one it it would be definitely be my choice. So IMHO when it comes to putting the Xbox One vs. The Playstation 4, Xbox is winning………For now.


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